15th October 2014


Appointed UK Agent for Xtreme ARF RC products. A dynamic and focussed company who in addition to a range of gliders and prop aircraft are now manufacturing and designed a growing range of superbly engineered RC jet aircraft. Currently available is the F100, Viperjet, Hawk and F16 with a new sports jet called the VIXEN and a scale T50 under development which are due for release in 2015. Plans are also in place to build an F-84F 'Thunderstreak' and an A6 Intruder.


17th September 2013


NEW PRODUCT - MAGLOK VENT SYSTEM. Launched at Jetpower last weekend is our new magnetic vent system for medium and large jets. The system uses a clever flush fitting vent which when connected to the Maglok 'probe' creates a fuel tight connection to your jets fuel system. Designed to make connection of overflow and taxi tanks a quick and simple job with no more fiddling around trying to connect pipes to fuel lines! Check them out in the shop under 'Fuel Systems'.


10th June 2013


ELECTRO-BRAKES - Due to unforseen circumstances the EB's product will discontinued until further notice.


11th November 2012


ELECTRO-BRAKES are here! Our new electronic brake system is custom made to fit existing gear and wheel combos so you dont have to discard your existing system to benefit from full electronic braking. Unlike other offerings you can add our system to your existing jet hardware, saving hours on time and money. We work from your gear leg and wheel to draw accurate CAD drawings from which the brake disc and electromagnet are then machined. Our EB-ECU drives the system which is fully user programmable and offers proportional braking or pulsed braking, brake strength, LED power information and battery input up to 14v from any chemistry. Now you have the choice! Information is available in the shop.


3rd August 2012


IMPORTANT - GBRJET IS CLOSED FROM 6TH AUG TO 18TH AUG FOR ANNUAL HOLIDAYS, all orders placed through the site will be taken however dispatch depending on stock will take place after the 18th August so please be aware of the additional delays.


26th July 2012


The 'new' Orion is now with me, a 2M span all composite sports jet designed for F3A precision flying and looks like to will meet this challenge. I have started a build thread on RCU forum to show those interested the kit and the assembly process. Currently its at the paint shop having its new cloths applied and within the next two weeks will be back with me for fit out and then over to Ali Machinchy for test flying. Its a great quality kit with a split fuselage so very easy to transport. Pricing and info will follow.


4th May 2012


Two new accessories are added to the shop, a simple but effective new clunk and a tank hardware pro filler. See shop for details.


20th April 2012


It's a sad time but I have to move on to the next 'project' - the Stinger v2 has come to the end of its limited production run. When this project moved from being personal, well at the time it was for the designer Rich Chant, to one where we made it available to the public we did decide to limit our manufacturing to a set number, this number is fully allocated and we have a few reserves waiting for any cancellations too, a great position to be in. We are greatful to all those who have been patient while each kit has been hand made and finished, and for the extended delays in the new electric landing gear which is now finally being assembled and shipped. I have some new projects which will commence after the summer flying season, and continue to add new 'accessories' to the site ongoing. I plan to be at Jetpower this year with a new sports jet called the Orion and the usual array of accessories including the very successful CAT range.


6th April 2012


At Classic Jets #50 Ali Machinchy kindly maidened the new Gryphon jet, a successful sortie which is always good news. We had a slightly rearward CG which made it feel a little sluggish on elevators but overall it flew very nicely, big flaps slow it up for a controlled landing sequence (even in a nasty cross wind as seen in the video in the jets section). The B100F turbine gave huge power and was totally reliable. We have some adjustments to make to the CG and shortening of the elevator linkages to allow more precise control across the servo range. The Gryphon colour scheme whilst not to all tastes is certainly easy to see, and as a trainer that's no bad thing! I plan to have two 'alternative' colour schemed Gryphons at Jetpower this year, with a striking new livery so if you want some information on these please contact me through the site.


16th January 2012


A Happy New Year to all of you. 2012 is going to be a productive time here at GBRJET, along with a small but helpful range of accessories, there are the great turbines from BF Turbines in Germany, which set incredible standards in terms of power to weight, quality and performance. We have the new Gryphon 2M from Redwings, a fully composite, painted outside the mould highly pre-finished jet, its design makes it suitable as a trainer jet with great access as part of its clever design. Testing begins soon on another 2M composite sports jet suitable for precise F3A type flying, but equally at home as a great all round jet. Again all composite, great looks and very competitively priced too! Our Stinger v2 is selling well and we have only a few more kits available for sale until we meet our final production run so if your thinking about the Stinger v2, and have not ordered one, it might be wise to do so to avoid disappointment. I have some new ideas for new accessories to compliment those like the CAT's and Servo Docks which are very popular so be sure to keep an eye on the web shop for new additions over the coming year.


23rd December 2011


I would like to thank all those customers for their business this year, as a small 'hobby' based concern its really pleasing to see so much interest - thank you guys! As 2012 fast approaches I have a full years activity ahead. During the Christmas break I hope to get stuck into my Gryphon demo kit and start the fit-out with a view to get some test flying in early next year, Ali Machinchy will check it out and report on his thoughts etc, so its in good hands and the feedback will be genuine and based on many years of experience. Skyfox SF1 is also moving slowly forward too, the first LMA inspections have highlighted some additional work required to add wing and central fuselage improvements in strength due to the huge 10g loadings this jet is expected to edure when powered by two high trust AMT Olympus turbines. I have joined a fantastic 'local' airfiled where I plan to undertake all the test flying, again with the expert help of Ali. It should be an interesting year ahead. Jetpower 2012 is again on the calendar, with the Stingers (P20 or merlin35 & EDF) models due to make another appearance, hopefully too the Gryphon, and who knows maybe even the Skyfox! Have a great festive holiday and look forward to seeing you all next year - Marc.


22nd November 2011


The new 'Gryphon' Sports jet trainer arrived today and what a superb kit. The mouldings are spot on, its painted outside the moulds so there are no seams to distract from the flowing lines. Internally the ducting is all fitted and blended, formers are fitted, the 2.5L Kevlar tank sits in a special cradle for simple removal and even has an aluminium ring pre-fitted so standard Dubro fuel fittings can be simply added. The canopy is huge and rather like the Futura it extends right down the spine of the jet to close to the fin base, this makes access easy for everything including the turbine - essential for a sleek jet trainer. Control surfaces require hinging with robart style units, a job made easy as the holes in the control surfaces are already made. Gear and servo openings are all pre-cut so standard items just drop into place. In all this is a very impressive jet, and whilst the colours are bright, which for a training jet are good, there is an option to opt for a base colour without decals for those requiring a more 'traditional' look. If your looking to move up from the twin boom trainers this is a great option with 'Hawkesque' looks and well mannered characeristics its an ideal next step.


19th September 2011


Not long back from a super Jetpower Show in Germany. The event which ran over Friday, Saturday and Sunday just gone provided us with an opportunity to show our new Stinger v2 in action. Ali Machinchy flew both our turbine (Jetcat P20) and EDF (Schuebeler HST51)Stinger v2's twice each day over the show and I am pleased to say both performed with 100% reliabilty. The new airframe proved strong and precise and the electric landing gear handled all the landings, including a sortie 'off road' at around 50kph - so we know its tough too! Here are videos of the P20 and HST51 Stinger v2's at jetpower last weekend. Stinger video P20.

Stinger video EDF.



14th September 2011


Well we are almost ready for the annual pilgrimage to Jetpower in Germany, this being one of the best jet meetings in Europe and well worth all the effort and late nights preparing for it. We have successfully built and test flown two Stinger v2's, one powered by the fantastic little Jetcat P20 turbine, and the other by a brand new Schuebeler DS51 HST fan with a 12s lipo power supply from SLS in Germany. Video will be posted soon after the Jetpower show in the gallery section of the site. For those who are making the trip out please pop over to our stand and say hi, it would be good to put names to faces and catch up on the latest products.'.


20th June 2011


GBRJET is delighted to be appointed exclusive UK distributor for BF Turbines. Based in Germany this new turbine manufacturer designs, manufactures and builds all its products in house, achieving a product which raises the bar in terms of quality, power and value. Currently there are two turbines in the range, the B100F is a 120N turbine in a similar package size as the expected P100 from Jetcat, but packs more power! The second is the B300F, a 300N turbine in a case that is only 3mm wider than the P200! Both products are available but please allow 6 weeks for delivery as each is hand made to order from pre-manufactured components. More information can be found in the 'shop'.


10th June 2011


New Stinger video added here and to the 'Jets' section. Stinger video 3.


9th June 2011


GDS Models have joined us in a UK exclusive capacity to offer their amazing range of jet model kits. Renowned for the high level of detail the GDS kits have entered many scale events with great success. The current range includes a large scale MB339 which some many remember being flown at Jetpower in 2010, sporting red, white and green smoke trails. In addition to the MB339 there is a new G91 kit which will be offered in two scales, a rare jet in kit form which will appeal to those who want something a little different. Exciting new kits are in the pipeline too - watch this site for details.


17th April 2011


Redwings Advanced Composite Models becomes our newest jet manufacturer. An Italian company who specialise in advanced composite manufacture. With a wealth of knowledge gained from the motorsport industry Redwings are soon to launch a new 'sports' jet trainer. We believe this will be the first rc turbine jet to be manufactured in an autoclave, so not only is pressure applied to the manufacturing process but heat as well, this process produces an incredibly light and strong structure. The new jet will have a 2m span and AUW ready to fly will be 8.5-9.5kg! Watch the jets section for updates.


11th February 2011


Our new Stinger jet arrived back today from the paint shop sporting a new colour scheme, we will be fitting it out during the next week with the Jetcat P20 turbine ready for Ali Machinchy to take it to Florida Jets at the end of the month. Production starts in the next few weeks. Some new pictures will be loaded onto the gallery shortly. The new scheme can be seen in the 'products' section under jets.


1st February 2011


I am happy to announce that GBRJET has been appointed the Jet Model Products (JMP) agent for the UK. I have always been very impressed with the quality and attention to detail the JMP products provide, and thouroughly look forward to working with Tom, Susan and the team.


23rd January 2011


Took a trip up to Ali Machinchy's local flying site to put some more flights on the Stinger, the weather was dull and windy but we were able to get some slightly better video of the Stinger in action. Complete production kits will soon be ready for final quality checks, so once we are totally happy with the quality we expect the first new Stingers off the production line in late February. Stinger video 2.


3rd January 2011


Happy New Year to all our customers and those yet to be! Yesterday was a great day, we finally managed to get a chance to maiden our P20 powered 'Stinger' jet at RAF Barkston Heath. It was a cold grey day but very little wind and dry so considering the time of year it was ideal for the event. We were lucky to have been invited to the event by Ali Machinchy who agreed to maiden the Stinger to see how it performed. Well all I can say is wow, its fast, smooth, rock steady at ALL speeds right down to walking pace with no wing rock! It has been likened to a 'mini Bandit' in its manners, which for us is a great endorsement of the 2 years Richard Chant has spent designing and developing this cracking little jet. The video shot on the day was fairly low quality, but we hope to soon have some better quality footage to show you all. For now here is the link to the current snip - Stinger video 1.


The web site will be updated shortly and pre-orders can be made to secure early kits which we hope to start delivering in early February.

Remember this jet flies on 90mm EDF fan power too, so if turbines are not your thing its happy to 'go electric'


18th December 2010


New to our shop is a jet pipe suitable for the new micro P20 turbine and other similar units. The pipe is made from high temperature stainless steel, rolled and spot welded in multiple rows for maximum security. The custom manufactured aluminium bell mouth is optimised in shape for maximun efficiency, and is spun from a single piece of high grade aluminium. Supplied with stainless fixing straps and all the necessary nuts and bolts to facilitate assembly. It is just over 400mm long to allow use in almost all installations. Weight is just 83g!


23rd November 2010


PRODUCTS section now up and running, popular altready are the new 'servo docks' which seem to be ideal for builders of Mibo A10's, so if they are good from Mibo's they should be good for many other kits too! In addition to the 8911, 8511 and 8411 servos from JR the 8711 has now also been covered in the range as it is identical to the 8911/8511 dock already available. These servo mounting plates are really ideal for most servo mounting applications, with special bases to maximise the fixture bond to the frame or mounting surface.


10th November 2010


Added the first accessories to the new PRODUCTS section on the site, just a few to start with but will grow over time. Make sure you take a look.


8th November 2010


December's edition of RCJI magazine will run the first article in a series following the development and manufacture of the SF1. Coverage will include project challenges during 2011.


5th November 2010


Our new Stinger sports jet is shortly off to be manufactured here in the UK so expected kit arrivals are due before the year end, register your interest as they are going to be popular! P20 or 90mm EDF powered, with optional trailing link retracts.


22nd October 2010


Cut the plugs for our new 'pylon' racer P20 powered jet. This little number will be fast but docile when required, very unique shape!

More information will be posted as work progresses - we call it VENOM


19th September 2010


Weatronics agree to exclusively supply all the electronics, 2.4 Rx and Tx systems for the SF1 project, after seeing it at Jetpower.


17th-19th September 2010


Our first stand at Jetpower. On display were three new products and a range of accessories for the builder.

SF1 was shown for the first time in 'pre-production' mouldings, it attracted a lot of interest and development will continue with a testing program starting early next year. Richard Chant presented his new P20 size sport jet called the Stinger, a great looking all composite jet designed to fly on 90mm EDF fan or the new micro turbines currently available on the market. Expected availability for this kit and optional retracts is December 2010.

Aviation Jets presented their highly detailed and beautifully made Mig29(9-13) This jet is 1:7 scale and would suit any pilot who is looking for a jet which truly delivers the goods. It has been entered into scale competitions and flew in a prototype form at the Hungarian Jet Masters.

Information is available through this site on all the products we showed at Jetpower.


July 2010


AMT Turbines sponsor the SF1 project with 2 Olympus turbines. More information on this project will be unveiled during late 2011 and early 2011.